Adult Performance

The Adult Performance program goes from September to June. The adult performance program provides opportunities to improve your dance technique and performance, while developing confidence, creativity and building life long friendships. Dancers learn various dance routines and they are challenged throughout their training, regardless of their level. A list of required dance gear for the class will be provided once registered in your specific class.

The program is composed of 3 consecutive sessions with a showcase in December 31st at the New year’s eve fiesta and in the Final showcase in June. Students will learn up to 3 dance routines (it varies).

The Adult Performance 2 for 1 offer for the Full year registration is $450 (plus gst). This offer permits you to register 2 individuals for the full dance season. You have the option to pay for one session which is $150 (plus gst) and this fee will cover 2 individuals from September to December however please note that the Adult performance program goes until June therefore you will still have January to June fees. The 2 for 1 offer will not longer apply in January and the fee structure will be the following: January to March $150 (+ gst) per person. April to June $150 (+ gst) per person. We highly recommend you take the full year registration offer and take advantage of the limited 2 for 1 offer.

Please note: At this moment we have a “2 for 1” offer and it is for a limited time and there are some restrictions. This offer will not be available if not registered by September 30th for all desired sessions. Therefore, if two individuals register via the 2 for 1 special for only one session and wish to continue later in additional sessions the “2 for 1” special will not apply and will have to pay for each registration individually. Only those registered and paid in full before September 30, 2017 can take advantage of the “2 for 1” deal.
In addition, when registering via the “2 for 1” deal siblings, friends, and couples must be registered in the same class.
Registration will be considered complete when a paper copy is signed and dated by registrant. Registration copies will be either emailed or available August 23rd.

Note: This fee does not include costumes & a required performer’s pass. The performers pass will give access to students to the entire weekend activities including dance workshops, fiestas and the showcases.

MondayClass begins September 11

TimePerformance ClassAgeRegister
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm Ladies Latin Mix Choreography - Absolute beginnersLadies only Register For Full Year Register For First Session

TuesdayClass begins September 12

TimePerformance ClassAgeRegister
6:30 pm – 7:30 pmLadies Kizomba Choreography Class – Absolute BeginnersLadies onlyRegister For Full Year
Register For First Session

WednesdaySocials begin in September – Exact date will be announced

TimeDanza's SocialAge
7:30 pm – 11:00 pmSocial Dancing. Location to be Announced. Its not in our studio.Adults – Cover Charge at the door.

ThursdayClass begins September 14

TimePerformance ClassAgeRegister
6:30 pm – 7:30 pmLadies Dominican Bachata Choreo Class – Absolute beginnersLadies onlyRegister For Full Year
Register For First Session

FridayClass begins September 15

TimePerformance ClassAgeRegister
7:00 pm – 8:00 pmLadies Polynesian/Tahiti Choreo Class – Absolute BeginnersLadies onlyRegister For Full Year
Register For First Session