Danza Events

Events, Socials & special workshops announcements: 

October 25th 7:30 pm -11:00 pmBKST SOCIAL. Cover charge $5. Every Wednesday Night!Sutherland Bar & Grill.
810 Central Avenue
Purchase Tickets at the door.
October 28th, 2017Halloween BKST Social St Mary's Parish Hall located on 211 Avenue O S, Saskatoon, Sk S&M 2R4 Halloween BKST Ticket click here!
October 28th, 2017Kizomba African ExperienceSt Mary's Parish Hall located on 211 Avenue O S, Saskatoon, Sk S&M 2R4 Leads Registration - Click here
November 26, 2017Bachata workshops - More info. coming upTo be announcecoming soon
December 31st 2017Latin New Years Eve FiestaTo be announcecoming soon
June 1-3 2018 (tentative)International ShowcaseTo be announcecoming soon

Kizomba African Experience – October 28th Workshops & BKST Social.  *Tickets will not be available at the door.

Followers Registration – Not available. Please read below.
At this moment only leads registrations for the Kizomba African Experience workshops are open. This is so we can keep our ratios between leads and follows equal.  You can email us at info@danzamorena.com if you want to go in the followers waiting list.
Includes 4 hour workshop plus BKST Social.
Includes BKST Social only. Tickets will not be available at the door. Now only 34 left.
Workshop & BKST schedule:  
Workshop & BKST Social is being held at St Mary’s Parish Hall located on 211 Avenue O S, Saskatoon, Sk S&M 2R4

1:00 pm -African Body Movement: Learn to engage and manipulate muscles you’ve probably never used like this before!

2:00 pm -Kizomba: Foundation, Connection, Movement, Musicality!

3:30 pm -Semba: Learn more about the precursor to the popular interpretation we call Kizomba!

4:30 pm -Urban: Learn how to express the musicality of some of the newer styles without sacrificing connection and the “Kizomba feel”

8:30 pm – BKST Social

Instructors Biographies:
Billy and Monica Kay are co-directors of Kizomba Harmony, a dance company based in Houston, TX and are among the most highly trained, versatile, and effective Kizomba/Semba teachers in the industry.  They have traveled all over the world to teach and train with the world’s top talents, and still do.  As instructors, they have taught or performed in 15 countries (and counting), and have logged hundreds of hours of IN-DEPTH training with over 30 other world-class instructors in Kizomba, Semba, Tarraxinha, African Body Movement, Soukous, Urban Kiz/2.0/French Style Kizomba and other African Rhythms.  In addition, Billy and Monica Kay placed as International Finalists (top ten couples in the world!) at the 2016 edition of AfricaDancar, the most prestigious Kizomba competition in the world, having the honor of being only the second USA couple to ever do so.  They are co-founders of the Kizomba Harmony African Dance Experience (KHADE), the first African Dance festival of its kind in North America focused on providing an all-inclusive dance experience promoting Kizomba, Semba, and other Afro-Rhythms within an all-inclusive resort experience.
Go to www.khade.net for more details.   They are also creators of the first downloadable kizomba instructional app for iOS and Android platforms called Kizomba To Go™ with happy customers in 64 countries around the world and counting, and they will soon be launching their online lesson portal Kizomba To Go™ Online!. Go to www.kizombatogo.com and get a head start to prepare for the kizomba workshops with Kizomba Harmony!